Monday, November 17, 2008

Castle in the Sky

Or Dude, Where's My Castle?
Or Does This Castle Make My Ankles Look Fat?

The answer to that last one is yes, yes it does!
I have the worst after-tattoo-plus- airplane cankles EVER!
On both legs too. Sheesh.

I usually sit up for tattoos, but i am never doing that again. Being all zen and shit with my hoodie, my giant apple and my iPod is the way to go!
Gachapin and iPhone


  1. Du ser way cool ud. Som om det rager dig at blive tushet!

  2. Jeg er da glad for at det ser sådan ud, men puha, indeni er jeg ikke en trooper!

  3. i think kenichi would be jealous if he saw this gachapin thingie.