Sunday, November 30, 2008


Yesterday i spent the day helping my friend Ulla move back to Cph after seven looong years in Odense.
I have really missed having her around, so it was a big day.

She got a room in this huge big apartment on Østerbro she'll be sharing with 8 other people.
It was on the 5th floor (that's 6th floor for japanese readers) so my legs are killing me today.
Ulla's brother was a trooper though, and carried most of the heavy stuff.

It rained all day, but i was on my bike anyway.
It's faster, and i wanted to know exactly how long it takes from my place to Ulla's (the answer is 19 minutes).
My clothes hadn't dried completely by the time i went home, so the ride back was even ickier than the ride over there.

But when i came home there was a surprise waiting.
Allan made a gift calendar for me!
He has not done one of those in years, so i was truly surprised.
And super excited!

Gift calendars (or pakkekalender as they're called in danish) are pretty normal over here.
The deal is that you get a small gift every day all through december.
It's a good way to get into the christmas mood, i'll tell ya.
Today is the 30th, so tomorrow i can open the first one.

24 goodies waiting for me to open them
I have, like the best husband ever.
All this and he has great hair too.


  1. you do indeed have the best husband ever!

    we get crappy chocolate in our advent calendars in the UK!

    i want presents! x

  2. We only have advent calendars as well; yours is so much better! I wonder if it would be hugely inappropriate to DEMAND daily Christmas presents from my boyfriend... probably... At any rate, you certainly do have a very kind husband! I wonder what they all are!

  3. Haha, you could try?
    I wonder too, we'll see tomorrow!

  4. yeah we only have advent calendars as well, and they get harder and harder to find.. i sort of wanted one for this year, but didnt get one yet.. maybe ill find it in my wanders today...

    cant wait to see what you got! do you have to open them in any particular order? or you just pick whatever one each day??

  5. Usually they have numbers, but this one is random, i just pick one!
    Can't wait!!

  6. Jeg tror, at du og jeg har gaflet de to bedste mænd i hele verden!! Heldige os!

  7. that is SO exciting!

    i forgot to look for one on my walk about, so i will live vicariously through you and yours!