Thursday, October 9, 2008


Yesterday was a good day for me.
My friend Helle came by the shop with her husband and brand new baby.
I haven't had the pleasure of meeting either of them before, so that was pretty exciting.

Around the same time our friends Klaus and Katja came by with coffee and the worlds best carrot cake.
I like cake.

And later at home, Martin came over and we cooked dinner together (lamb, rice and veggies) like we used to do all the time when we all lived together, but haven't done in what seems like years.
After dinner we ate candy and watched Iron Man (that would be my second time this week, i can't get enough RDJr.)
And i felt so happy, being surrounded by my three favorite boys in the whole world, just like it used to be.
I wish life was like this more often.

Since i didn't take any pictures of my perfect friend filled day, i'll just post something random and awesome.

This photo is from this amazing photography magazine that we subscribe to called JPG Magazine.
If you don't know it already i highly recommend that you check it out.
I just love this photo, i actually never knew white peacocks even existed before i saw this.


  1. I second your category choice of "awesomeness."

  2. Spanks selv for en dejlig aften. I love Lamb..

  3. Awesomeness indeed!

    Veird, jeg har gået og haft "i love lamb" på hjernen hele dagen!
    Men den er vel også pænt oplagt...

  4. YAY, det var cool at hænge! Næste gang: længere visit og kaffe. (Og måske en kage? Nam!)