Saturday, October 18, 2008

Ok, so the convention...

Yeah, it kinda blows a little.
I found wi-fi there, but i'm back at the hotel now.
After this really, really, really terrible band played RIGHT next to our booth for what seemed like at least 4 hours, i needed a break.
And i was wearing earplugs.

Allan is working on his second piece now and Nick did a little color on Bernies chestpiece.
I have to go back there soon. Bah.

I've been writing most of the day, trying to finish an article. So my fingers don't wanna type no more.
And i don't have the patience to upload pictures just yet.
Sooo, i guess i'll leave you with some comic goodness, something i found on a myspace buddys profile.

I laughed until i cried over this one, but i am very easily amused:
Check out this website for more stupid animal and plant humor.


  1. Skøre awesome kalkun-grip!

  2. Funny! :) a little laugh at our house! zo

  3. Hahahahahaha... To keep cool, I poop on my legs and feet.. Awesome..