Thursday, October 16, 2008


Ok, it's time.

I've been wanting to show you, awesome untitled blog readers, these pictures for a while now.
Pictures of the various hats and hair clips i've handmade over the last couple of months (although a couple of them were started over a year ago).
Some of them are made in my apartment in Copenhagen and some i made while on holiday in our summerhouse.

I'm really happy with most of them, still not sure how or where to try and sell them yet.
I would prefer to sell them at a shop here in Copenhagen, so if you're local and know a cool place i should try out, please let me know.
I did write one shop, but it seems like they never check they're myspace, so i don't know.
I don't like dealing with people in real life, but at some point i suppose i have to. I'm just not very good at it.

I'd love to get some comments on this post, however, i only want nice ones.
I'm sensitive, what can i say!

Ok, here we go, i hope you like them!

Photos by my husband.


  1. they're very pretty!! nice handiwork!

    i have a friend there, who handmakes jewelry and hair accessories, though they are very different from your stuff. she sells them in her online store, but she may know of a shop in town as well... i can ask her.. or her shop is linked on my blog. Tizz...

  2. they are very very beautiful! please dont sell the yellow bird one until i get to copenhagen in july! i want it!!! x

  3. Oh, my! Aren't they simply gorgeous!! Truly! You are very, very talented. These are unique, intricate, and beautiful. And here's my sales idea: Kentucky Derby. All the women wear hats. zo

  4. Thanks guys!
    Yes, please ask your friend Corey!

    The yellowbird is my own actually. I made it to match a dress i wore to a wedding.
    I stabbed myself in the finger while making it, so it has some of my blood on it.
    So i couldn't really sell it!
    But if i can find more birds in japan, i'll make you one!

  5. Yes!
    I wanna sell to the fancy Derby ladies!!

  6. Ihhhhh hvor er de flotte!! Og det fede er, at man kan se, at du og Allan har den samme stil i jeres kunst. ...Synes jeg i hvert fald.
    Smukt arbejde.

  7. holy shit, these are fantastic!!! you have great great potential to be a famous designer! you are good with dealing with people in real life, so what are you talking about. you should go out with these wonderful pieces and promote yourself. totally. good luck!

  8. Hvor er de flotte, Amalie! Hvis jeg var sådan en, som gik med hat ville jeg totally købe en! Måske skulle jeg rent faktisk begynde at være sådan en, som gik med hat? Det må jeg lige finde ud af.
    Min nye er en maneki neko! Den vinker rigtig fint fra min arm. Det var Toshi, der lavede den. Hvis du ser ham til Evian må du rigtig gerne hilse og sige tak endnu en gang. Jeg er rigtig meget glad for den!

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  10. fantastic, i´ll really like to buy a hat some day! maybe i know a shop here in Malmö u can sell the hats in, or is it to far away?

  11. de er sindsygt smukke!! det burde da ikke være noget problem at finde et sted der vil sælge dem -men måske svært at finde et sted det er fedt og cool nok til at få LOV til at have dem i deres butik...Jeg er sikker på at husflid (den gamle second love)
    på blågårdsgade ville elske dem -men ved ikke om det er det rette sted... hmmm jeg tænker lidt mere over det

  12. Åh, tak søde Mai! Du må meget gerne hjælpe mig med at finde nogle, jeg er ikke så hjemme i hvad der rør jeg i kbh desværre!

    Ai, thanks so much, i'm really happy you like them!

    Young, jeg skulle hilse tilbage fra Toshi, vi hang ud med ham i går aftes.
    Og jeg synes helt sikkert du er hatte menneske, det er ikke alle der har hoved til det, men du har!

    Lisa, Malmö is not too far. Let me know if you have a shop in mind?

  13. Yeah, I was thinking about tjalla malla..

  14. I just checked their website, that place looks amazing!
    I feel just slightly intimidated...

  15. noo why?! de säljer på komission, om man är en liten designer, klart du måste visa dina grejor där! go go go!

  16. There is no end to your talents Amalie!They are so creative and colorful. :>

  17. Hello Amalie!
    I would suggest opening an online shop like at
    I have one and it's easy and you pay very little. Boutiques are nice too but they will probably take 50% of what your hats will sell for.
    Sunny Buick

  18. I forgot to mention, I would buy one!

  19. Hi! I saw your blog and wanted to say how much I love your hats! And it's very cool your man is doing a guest spot at Ink Rat! It's my favourite tattoo shop in Japan and if my budget gets a little better I will go back to get more work! Hata's colour style is fantastic!

    Oh, and have you been to the little zakka cafe a little ways off from the station called ca*n*now? They have some adorable hand made thingies every now and then.

  20. Thank you so much!

    I read on your blog a while ago that you got tattooed by Hata, his style is amazing, i agree!
    We're so lucky to get to work and hang out at Inkrat, they're such great people and artists.

    Where exactly is ca*n*now? Maybe i have been there, but if not i definitely wanna check it out!

  21. Yeah, I think Ink Rat is a very positive thing for the Koenji community and it's wonderful artists from all over can come and contribute!!

    Ca*n*now is a little out of the way, down near the livehouse Mission, if you know it? If you go to yonchome cafe it's to the left away from the station towards nakano. Here's the URL:

    And I don't know if you get ShowOff in the studio, but on the minami guchi map Ca*n*now is green #67

    It's not on the online version though as far as I can see.

  22. Hi, I love your little hats and hairclips! I recently opened a small boutique in Malmö, and I would love to try to sell them here! people are fickle, and you never know what'll blow their skirts up, but I LOVE it and would be thrilled to have them in here! You can check us out a little at
    or at Facebook: Brook Lynn Vintage
    then if you're interested, either come in to the store, we're close to the station at Engelbrektsgatan 6, or call me: +46-736-514498, or email me

    Good luck!

  23. Btw, Im not always here, so maybe make a plan if you did wanna hop on a train to meet! Id hate for you to show up with a bag full of treats and not get the proper welcome!!! Not that the staff aren't friendly, they are!

    Brooklyn Vintage

  24. Hej Henriette,
    Opdagede du at der var et "hats for sale" label?
    De er til salg, i hvert fald de fleste af dem!
    Hvis du vil snakke om et custom project kan du bare sende mig en mail!