Monday, September 8, 2008

Romance is not quite dead

This weekend we went to the countryside to my friend Fie's (aka Flo) wedding.
It was pretty much the perfect wedding, followed by one hell of a party.
Right on!
I didn't get that many pictures cause i was busy eating, dancing and talking loud, but i got a few.

The most beautifulest bride ever
Is that bird still up there?
Martin did a good job dj-ing, except when he refused to play "Jungle Love" by Morris Day & the Time
We got back to Bisserup around 5 in the morning, so the next day we didn't get out of bed till late.
Martin crashed in our room and i'd forgotten just how much he snores.

We spent our sunday hanging out in the sun, walking on the beach and almost getting into a fist fight with a crazy lady who tried to kick our dog.
In the evening we had a nice steak dinner with my parents at one of the two restaurants in town.

I guess it's been raining
My beautiful husband
Catch o' the day
My parents found a mummified rat under the floorboards

Ps. Thanks for the sweet comments on my last post, you're all very kind!


  1. cool mummified rat!!

    ummm whats up with someone wanting to kick Lucifer???

  2. I don't know... bitch was crazy, but after getting up close and personal with the Wrath of Allan & Amalie, she'll never try anything like that agin!

  3. for real, i'd be scared...
    i do not ever want to be on the receiving end of said rat..

  4. Tak for en hyggelig hængen ud.. Seriøst, snorker jeg jeg så slemt?

  5. Det er altid noget at der ikke er nogen billed beviser på at jeg dansede!!

    Men det var nu meget sjovt ...det meste af tiden!


  6. Den er da vildt uhyggelig, den rotte. Hvor store tænder er det lige, man kan have?!

    Jeg vil vædde på, at der findes beviser på at Allan dansede! jeg skal nok finde dem, muhahahahaa!