Monday, September 22, 2008


Bought our tickets last night.
Can't wait.


  1. Oh, wow! This just popped up on my feeder and wow again. How exciting! I've always wanted to go to Japan but only gotten to parts of China (which is NOT Japan in ANY way!!!!!) Can't wait to visit...via your blog, he he :)

  2. awesome!! i have a friend who is headed over there soon, and i was hoping your guys' paths would cross, but alas, she leaves right before you get there..

  3. China sounds awesome too, i wanna go there. I wanna go everywhere!
    But there'll be lots of posts from Japan (if the apartment has internet that is!)

    Corey: where's your friend going?
    If she's in tokyo and likes tattoos she should drop by inkrat!

  4. i wish i could give you some heat and the blue sky from japan. it's been really nice, almost too hot sometimes!

  5. i told her all about it, and messaged inkrat/hata on myspace. not sure who answered me but they told me to have her drop by as well.
    she will be in tokyo for a week at least, and then... other places that escape me at the moment.

    we met some other tattooists from japan at the calgary convention that she will drop in on as well, but not in tokyo...

  6. Izumi runs the myspace, even though she doesn't work there anymore, the boys aren't really myspace savvy!

    But they all speak english and they're so great!