Monday, September 15, 2008

I have a feeling i'm not gonna get any work done today

I'm tired.
Went to bed at 6 after a two season Weeds marathon.
Got back up at 8 to say bye to Sid.
He already knew his way to and from the airport (perfect houseguest i tell ya), so after he left we went back to sleep.
But i'm still tired.
And my legs are aching, cause me and Martin went for a really long walk by the tracks yesterday.
Pictures of that later, i forgot my camera cable.
Gotto go, pretend to work, tell idiot moms why we won't tattoo their 16 year old daughters.


  1. ..and then they act like thats such a bad thing...

  2. Tak for igår kære Malle. Alt i alt gjorde du en lorte dag til noget godt. Og det var en herre god tur, er selv smadret i benene.. tror det var fordi vi rimlig hurtigt.

  3. get that at the shop i werk at too.