Friday, September 12, 2008

How very futuristic

I went by my old supermarket yesterday on my way to visit my grandfather.
They'd made some changes.
I guess i wasn't really paying attention, cause i found myself standing in a self service line.
Those weren't there when i used to live there.
You scan, pay and bag your own groceries. A nice lady robot tells you how. In several languages.

We really couldn't be further from the service level of USA and Japan, when they can't even be bothered to put a human being at the register to accept your money and give you back some change. It's not even like they bagged your stuff before.

I suppose some people think it's awesome, less dealings with other people on a daily basis.
I switched to a different line.


  1. we have those all over the damn place and i hate them. they wont let you scan the next product until you put the previous one in the bag...

    what if i dont want a bag?!?

    and they are slow..


  2. You will find these are quite common in NYC. I actually prefer them since cashiers are normally very rude people. But it does suck when you get stuck behind some ding dong who can't follow simple directions :<