Thursday, September 25, 2008


I wish he was going with me.
We could walk on the beach in Brighton together.
I'm not usually this needy, i just really miss him already.

I've been trying to pack without a suitcase, because they upset him.
It's tricky. I'm gonna go to bed soon and just continue tomorrow.
I need lots of sleep. My health is... yeah. Not great right now.

Hunter did a really evil satanic tattoo today at the shop.
And my friend/sort of sis Anna got a cute little heart tattoo by Allan, her first in years.

Next post will be from London and i promise it'll be more interesting than this.

Sleep tight. Oh, and hail Satan.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A sad trend

There's been another school shooting in Finland.
I just don't get it.


I feel like someone pushed the fast forward button of life.
Every day goes by so fast i feel the need to hang onto something.
Is it always going to be like this?
That would suck.
Maybe it's the price of happiness or something.

New(er) hair

I'm not sure i like it as much as last time. My hair.
I feel like she (the hair stylist person) went more for a brunette (and obviously less gorgeous) Jean Seberg and not so much a Mia Farrow like last time.
Actually, i'm not sure she knows who either of them are.
But whatever. It's ok i guess.
It just doesn't make my head look as big as the other cut did.
And i like having a big head.


I put on Slackers. I think i might be the only one who likes them.
But it's not like anyone else had any better suggestions.

Monday, September 22, 2008

The stripe theory

I have no vertical stripes to compare with yet.
But i will find some.
But for now, pictures from the other day (boy, did i need that haircut).
Not that slimming if you ask me.


Bought our tickets last night.
Can't wait.

Monday, like, whoa. Monday.

Got a haircut, shopped for supplies for London, had a bunch of coffee, got guilted into doing a convention piece for the tattoo mag, answered some emails.
And now i just wanna go back home and sleep.
What happened to all that energy i had yesterday?
I'll tell you what happened: rain.
Darkness, grey skies, rain.
That's the sound of the life being sucked out of me.
Thanks Denmark.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Also in the me news today

(Thursday actually, but i forgot about it)

I got business cards!
How about that.
Not too bad considering i don't have a business...

I made them in photoshop and since Allan was getting new ones, it was no problem for our printer dude to make some for me too.
I have no pictures of them right now, so there's not much else to say.
Except i've never had a card before. And i think it's pretty.

Allan's are really, really nice, if you can you should come by the shop and grab some.

Thank you Max Havelaar

I believe i already spent a good deal of time bitching about my mood the last few days.
I'm better now, but yesterday was the same.
Only on top of being moody, i was really clumsy too.
Just couldn't do anything right.

So i decided some safe, mindless task would be a good idea.
So i folded all the plastic bags i had lying around the kitchen cabinets.
It gives more kitchen space and also makes you re-use bags more, since folding them this way will allow them to fit in your bag.

Smart thinking, fairtrade people.

All the bags that took up an entire shelf can now fit in here

Mission(s) accomplished

Got up early and went to jazz brunch.
Which is exactly what it sounds like: jazz and brunch.
My dad and brother played. My mom was there too.
The weather was great and the place had a nice view of the harbour.
It was a nice way to wake up.

Got home and gave the apartment a good cleaning.
Did a bunch of laundry too.
Felt really good to get that done.
I should have done that days ago actually, it could have helped me feel better.
Oh well, it's done now.

Then i continued some projects i started yesterday.
Even finished one of them.

Patterns* and quick sketch

Almost there
Done, a little 60's style mini dress

We went out for some icecream too.
And on the way home i bought myself some cheap flowers.
Cause i did good today.
Thanks me.

Allan is painting flash, so keep an eye on his blog, he should be posting the whole thing soon.

*If you can call it that, i'm hopeless at that part.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Friday, September 19, 2008


The last couple of days have been bad.
Not really bad, i've just been stressed. And annoyed. And clumsy. And in a pissy mood in general.
Weather mostly.
It's not bad, it's just so cold already and i think most Danes get a little depressed when they realize they're in for about 6 more months of this, only with more darkness and rain.
It happens every year and still it surprises us.
It also may or may not be that time of the month, but that's completely besides the point.

I haven't felt like contaminating the blog with my less than sunny disposition, but i can't stay away forever, can i?
So i'm just gonna get it out there.
Here's a few of the things that are pissing me off right about now:

-My piece of crap bicycle
-My wrist hurts from badgemaking and sleeping on my arm
-The fact that photo paper is too thick for canbadge makers ( i found a substitute, but it's just not as good)
-Hipsters that block my front door when the a-little-too-trendy gallery downstairs have an opening (yes, i live here, not that it's any of your business, now move you Camilla Stærk dressed anorexic ass)
-The fact that it is now legal to ride you bike along the lake, people were getting along great when we were breaking the law and now it's a big mess
-Joggers (just because they're always, and will always be, pissing me off and someday they'll get a rant of their own)
-My inability to wake up in the morning
-My growing coffee addiction
-Going to the London convention next week, working in a large, noisy, crowded room and talking to a bunch of people who won't remember my name one second after i've told them
Actually just thinking about going there is stressful... why am i going again?
-My sensitive skin that won't allow my new tattoo to heal properly
-Fucking harem pants! What kind of sad loser reinvented those?
One day me and Allan were sitting on a corner eating some ice cream and within 15 minutes we counted six people wearing these
Note to wearers of this particular style: YOU LOOK LIKE YOU CRAPPED IN YOUR PANTS!

A lot!

Ps. I went for my weekly grandfather visit today and we went for a little walk. That was nice. At least i have that.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I just don't know what to believe anymore

New studies show that horizontal, not vertical, stripes make you seem slimmer.
I always hated vertical stripes anyway.
So yay, time to update the wardrobe.

Canbadge Maker

I bought this magical little gadget a long time ago in Tokyu Hands, but i haven't used it much.
But with the London Convention only a week away, and us being no closer to having t-shirts made, i thought i'd make some badges.
Then we at least have something besides prints to sell.
I'm having paper problems though.
Regular paper looks too matte, and photo paper looks awesome, but is too thick for the machine.
What to do?

Monday, September 15, 2008

May sweet equality live long and prosper

Congratulations Mr. Sulu!

Walking & talking

A strange sunday.
But good.
Martin showed me a side of my new hood i hadn't seen before.
First, a small town within the city.
Can't be sure, but given the location it would make sense that rail workers live there.
One of the most quiet places i've ever been to in Copenhagen.

Then we went further in and got close to the giant container crane thingies (yes, i believe that is the technacal term) i've so often admired from a distance.
Don't really think you're supposed to go in there, but i'm definitely going back some day soon.

It was good to just walk, bitch about stuff and do that good old fashioned bonding thing.

I have a feeling i'm not gonna get any work done today

I'm tired.
Went to bed at 6 after a two season Weeds marathon.
Got back up at 8 to say bye to Sid.
He already knew his way to and from the airport (perfect houseguest i tell ya), so after he left we went back to sleep.
But i'm still tired.
And my legs are aching, cause me and Martin went for a really long walk by the tracks yesterday.
Pictures of that later, i forgot my camera cable.
Gotto go, pretend to work, tell idiot moms why we won't tattoo their 16 year old daughters.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Saturdays at the shop are ok

We're closed on saturdays.
But today Sid's working, so we're here all day.
And i'm getting tattooed by Allan today.
This morning we had no ideas, but we came up with something cool.
Pictures of that later.

That's how we roll

Friday, September 12, 2008

Tillykke Helle!!

How very futuristic

I went by my old supermarket yesterday on my way to visit my grandfather.
They'd made some changes.
I guess i wasn't really paying attention, cause i found myself standing in a self service line.
Those weren't there when i used to live there.
You scan, pay and bag your own groceries. A nice lady robot tells you how. In several languages.

We really couldn't be further from the service level of USA and Japan, when they can't even be bothered to put a human being at the register to accept your money and give you back some change. It's not even like they bagged your stuff before.

I suppose some people think it's awesome, less dealings with other people on a daily basis.
I switched to a different line.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


*Nerdalert, unless you're my husband you might want to stop reading*

I am a huge Buffy fan. Most people who know me, knows this.
I'm not a fanatic in a creepy way, at least not in my own opinion.
I don't spend hours on discussion forums and i don't have a Buffy shrine... yet.
I do have a Buffy tattoo, which i guess to most people is weirder than joining a fan club, but to me it's not.
I can't explain why, it's just not.

Anyway, i'm also a huge fan of Angel. And i'm currently re-watching Firefly.
It's delicious.

So when i read that Joss Whedon (creator of before mentioned favorite shows) had stopped production of his new show Dollhouse (starring Eliza Dushku, who's also known from the Buffyverse) i almost had a little panic attack.

But it turns out that Joss Whedon wasn't happy with the scripts, so he's rewriting and they're still on schedule.
So actually all is well.
Possibly even better that before.

And in the meantime i still have Buffy, season 8 (the comics) to keep me busy.

Green soba

Good stuff.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Good luck, bad luck?

Three eggs, four yolks.

I made meatballs yesterday. And potato salad and muffins.
I had an off day, i kept forgetting ingredients, leaving stuff in the fridge that should have been put on a shelf next to it, bumping my toe into things.
A spazz day. And i feel like today is a leftover spazz day.
Or a late monday.

Our friend Sid came yesterday, but he already left to go to Hungary.
But he'll be back on friday.
I love having houseguests.
I guess after living with a roommate for what, six years, part of me kind of miss it.

It's raining and i wanna go home and eat soba.


If the world does end tomorrow*, it's been nice to know y'all!

*A danish newspaper article said there was a "very small chance"... comforting words.

Update: It's 11.53 and we're still here. Soooo, i'm guessing it's not ending today.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Why that little...

I would just like to point out that i had this done before she did...


Monday, September 8, 2008

Romance is not quite dead

This weekend we went to the countryside to my friend Fie's (aka Flo) wedding.
It was pretty much the perfect wedding, followed by one hell of a party.
Right on!
I didn't get that many pictures cause i was busy eating, dancing and talking loud, but i got a few.

The most beautifulest bride ever
Is that bird still up there?
Martin did a good job dj-ing, except when he refused to play "Jungle Love" by Morris Day & the Time
We got back to Bisserup around 5 in the morning, so the next day we didn't get out of bed till late.
Martin crashed in our room and i'd forgotten just how much he snores.

We spent our sunday hanging out in the sun, walking on the beach and almost getting into a fist fight with a crazy lady who tried to kick our dog.
In the evening we had a nice steak dinner with my parents at one of the two restaurants in town.

I guess it's been raining
My beautiful husband
Catch o' the day
My parents found a mummified rat under the floorboards

Ps. Thanks for the sweet comments on my last post, you're all very kind!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Most fun ever had by anyone (possibly)

Exciting news people.
I have finally found my true calling in life.
Yes, i'm gonna be a tattoo AAHtist from now on.
And i'm gonna skip the whole learning to tattoo thing and just dive straight into only doing large custom pieces.
Cause i'm an AAHtist, you know.

Ok, ok, so maybe i'm totally kidding, but i did tattoo Allan and it was FUN!
And also, i totally suck.
Yeah, it's really hard. Who knew?
Allan do it all the time!

For the first time in my life i almost understand all those piece of shit scratchers you see on Myspace all the time.
You know, the ones who can't even draw a stickfigure, but they have a cool rockstar alias and the kids worship them.
And they're never gonna improve cause they already think they're the shit cause they have 52 picture comments on that hourglass on hand tattoo they did on their 18 year old buddy.
But none of that matters cause tattooing is fun.
And most of them are only in it for the possibility of fame, respect and adoration anyway.
Ok, so i lied, i don't really understand them at all.

But nevermind that, back to me!
I was nervous as hell, and it shows, but i've found some pictures that are taken from a flattering angle and hide my worst mistakes.
Clever editing never hurt anyone, right?

I worked on that tiny drawing for about a week
Focus, focus
I wish i had some pink gloves, blue is just not my color
The most fun part
Trust me, i do this all the time!
The lines on the heart tattoo are test lines. So not only did i do a crappy tattoo on my husband, i ruined an existing one too. Not bad.
Well, he looks happy enough!

After the first tattoo we were totally drained and needed food.
So we went to Bento and got enough take out to feed a small army.
The ojisan who took our order didn't believe it was just for the two of us, so he gave us four sets of chopsticks!

By the time we were done eating and had set up for my tattoo, it was 1 am.
And i was so sleepy.
But i had to get one too, that was part of the deal.
Getting tattoed on the elbow however, was not part of my plan!

I took this picture and then Allan told me to stop moving
Ok, so Allan's is a little nicer than mine. Just a little.

Klaus, you're next!

It's alive

Every time i come to work i find this Greenland guy eating my other toys...
Last time it was the budgie, this time a fish.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I just tattooed my husband


This is the most fun anniversary anyone has ever had!

Now: sushi. After: my turn.

Good morning

A day off in the middle of the week is the best thing ever.
If that day happens to be your anniversary, it's even better.

We just had a big breakfast of fruit, organic bread with cheese, lots of coffee and a couple of onigiri left over from last night.

And he got me flowers. He chose a bouquet that looked like wildflowers. Cause he knows i like those.
I'm a lucky gal.
Later i'll get another present, a sketch Allan did last night that i said i wanted, so he got it framed for me.
It's of me, sort of. It's inspired by a picture of me anyway. I'm art!

Now we're hanging out in the livingroom.
Allan is looking at the new book he's in, so i decided to blog a bit.

Can you spot Lucifer?


I managed to finish two hats today.
Both for me, they match my dresses, but still pretty cool.

I started one of them a couple of days ago, but haven't had time to continue work on it.
The other one i just started today.
I feel like a champ.
A champ with multiple bleeding fingers.

Now i have to find an activity that doesn't involve use of my hands. So no eBaying either. Dang.

Right now Allan is drawing my next tattoo.
If all goes well i'll be posting a picture of that tomorrow (or thursday).

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Walked around Vesterbro, took Lucifer to the dog park and went to two street parties.


Skydebanegade was my favorite of the two for two reasons:
1. Restaurant Banzai had Japanese rice and curry with pickles for 30 kr. and
2. the Sicilian ice cream place is right next to it!

We spent the rest of the day shooting pictures of some of the hats i made.
They'll be posted real soon.

A tale of two dresses

I have a dilemma.
But it's the good kind.
I'm going to Flo's wedding on saturday.
I have two dresses and i'm not sure which one to wear.
I got both on ebay. One was missing a belt, but today i made a belt and a matching hat for it.
I also hemmed the other dress a little shorter and started on a hat for that one too.
So i have two almost complete sets now.
And if you're thinking making a matching hat for your dress is a little over the top you're absolutely right, but i love dressing up and rarely get to, so when a wedding comes along i go all the way.
Right now i'm leaning towards blue/green/turquoise. The opponent is yellow/orange/white.
I should post some pictures and force you people to help me chose, but i'm exhausted from all the hat making (it looks like no big deal, but it kills the fingers).

Tomorrow: 7 year anniversary. Kind of a big deal.


All blurred, Allan style.

Yellow (part two)

The long overdue sequel to this post.

Sightseeing alone in Tokyo
Hot kohee on a rainy day
Here fishy fishy
Shinjuku trench