Sunday, August 3, 2008

This is why i never throw away clothes

On my last trip to the basement i found this.
An old robe i bought in Jaipur about 7 years ago.*
I had cut it short back then, i believe we (me and my travel/roommate) tried to hand sew a bikini out of the leftover fabric. We did that a lot.
Oh well, i found it again, gave it a good washing and ironing, and added some lace to the bottom (it was a bit on the short side).
And now it's a totally wearable, and comfortable dress.
Cheap too!

* Has it been that long? That time thing just doesn't slow down does it?
I miss that place so much.


  1. cute! i have a friends sewing machine but i never get around to making anything...

  2. Du kan jo tage en gammel fugtig sæk på og du vil stadig ligne en million dollars! Nej pund, så er det endnu mere!!