Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sunday shopping

I just came back from Fisketorvet, a nearby mall that we usually just refer to as Fiskehelvedet ("Fishhell").
We don't really have a mall culture here in Denmark, so the few there are tend to attract a weird mix of people.
Anyway, we went there today cause it's the only place that's open on sundays.
We just needed a couple of things from the supermarket, health food store and h&m.

And also, i needed to get my bike checked out.
It's less than a year old and it's been falling apart since i bought it.
It's a piece of crap, worst bicycle i've ever had.
But i was seduced by it's delicious applegreen color.
I'm an idiot.

Well, this friday it got downright dangerous.
I noticed on my way home from work, with Lucifer in his basket up front, that the handlebars were lose.
Not a good thing.
So i brought it to Fiskehelvedet, where i'd made the mistake of buying it less than a year ago.
I explained to them everything that was wrong with the bike, and they acted very surprised.
"But it's a Raleigh, they make quality bikes" they said.
Eeh, not so much anymore, since they're now mass produced in a chinese sweatshop, just like all the cheaper brands. One of our customers told me this, and Wikipedia confirms it.
I told them that and the were, again, very surprised.
"But my mom has a Raleight that's 25 years old and she never had a problem with it" says one of the sales people*.
Yes genius, that was a long time ago, back when they still made a decent bicycle.
Anyway, after explaining to them all the things that are wrong with my bike, one of them decides to blame the whole fiasco on the fact that i didn't bring it in for a three month checkup.
"Many of those things are exactly the things we discover and fix at the three month checkup" he says, with a not so subtle "it's your own damn fault" tone.
Ok, so it's normal for a Raleigh bike to completely fall apart within three months, so it needs every part replaced or repaired, and your still trying to convince me that i bought a good quality bicycle?
So now i'm bikeless until tuesday.
And they're even gonna charge me for the checkup.
By now i just want it in a condition that's good enough for me to sell it cheap to someone who just needs any bike.
I still don't know what kind to replace it with, but anything is better than this.
Oh, Pink Lightning, why did you leave me?

On a lighter note, we took a walk down to this really hip kiosk (i know, weird right?) were we bought some coffee, licorice icecream ("Superflyer", you gotta try that if you're in DK) and a cookie that we enjoyed at a table outside in the sun.
I love sundays.

*i call them that because i know from a previous experience, that they don't have a clue about fixing bikes, so that's basically all they are.


  1. tbh the bike shop was right - no 3 month or similar service means the bedding-in of parts turns into loosening and damage.

    so no, they're not retards really. they've heard all this before, as has anyone who works in a bike shop that has to listen to this kind of ramble. would you complain if a car broke down after not being serviced in ages??

  2. Well, yeah they are. I've dealt with them before, they can't even tighten a screw without sending it to another garage.

    Hey, why am i even explaining this to you "anonymous", this is my blog!
    Fuck off.