Thursday, August 21, 2008


This week someone must have sent out a memo to the Danish media informing them, that tattoos are now cool, trendy and socially acceptable.
Cause this week alone we've been contacted by two reporters and a production company, wanting to do something about tattoos, or wanting us to help them find cool, tattooed people.

One of them even said it was for a piece about "trendy" tattoos. He kept using that word.
I'm guessing his idea of a trendy tattoo is as dated as the word itself.

I don't blame them. If it's interesting and new, it's their job to write about it. Or do a tv show about it. Or whatever.
No, i blame Miami Ink. And friggin Kat von Dizzle. I don't have a tv and i've only watched the horrid thing a couple of times in the States, but i find that when in doubt, it's best to just blame Miami Ink.
It's only just made it to Denmark recently, but having seen the effect it's had on people in other countries, and i'm actually scared to see the impact it will have on Danes, who are famous for being completely fucking cluesless when it comes to tattoos*.
They're already obsessed with getting tattoos that "symbolize something" and have a "deep, personal meaning" that only they understand.
Doesn't matter if it's well made or if it looks good, as long as it means something, anything.
And that show, being all about finding some bullshit meaning with even the most mainstream motif, is just gonna convince them they're right.

Like the star. The boring little star in black outline.
There must be thousands of people who have those, in some size and place. Hundreds in Copenhagen alone.
And still people come in here and claim that "it means something special to me".
And it's not that i think tattoos shouldn't mean anything at all. It's just that i think they should also look good and be made well.
And, if at all possible, they should be unique.

Ok, back to the media rant.
It just puts us in a dilemma.
We don't really want to participate in these things.
We don't want or need the publicity.
We would just have to explain to even more random walk-ins why we won't do their tattoo, and even though we're really nice and polite about it, people still get pissed off.
And i don't like pissing people off.

But on the other hand, if we don't do this show/interview/thingie there's a chance the uninformed media person will go to a crap shop with bad artwork and poor hygiene.
And they'll show them a bunch of bad tattoos with lot's of special meaning, and that's bad for us as well as the person considering getting a tattoo.

Oh well, you can't spend your life trying to educate people who already know everything, and you definitely can't control the hype.

*Partly because i travel around the world telling people they are!


  1. Even if you do do the interviews and the shows, people are going to go to the crap shops with the poor hygiene anyways, cause they dont know any better.

    its the same here. people thing that a tattoo is a tattoo is a tattoo. and they dont realize that it could be done way better, or that they could be supporting someone better or anything of that nature.

    i think, if you dont want to do it, then dont. you dont have to be the martyr shop.

  2. True!
    You're absolutely right.
    We did do one of the things, a newspaper article done by a very nice girl.

    But i think we're gonna pass on the tv thing, none of us are at all comfortable around cameras and those things always take waaay longer than they say it will.

    And like you said, people are still gonna think someone else can do just as good a job just cause he has the word "tattoo" outside his shop.
    Can't save 'em all!