Wednesday, August 27, 2008

In progress

Since i don't have any good hat pictures yet, i'll just post a picture of my messy desk instead.
But i hope to have some pictures of the actual hats (or hair decorations?whatever they are!) to post soon.
I'm excited to hear you guys' opinion... or scared, not sure which one it is?

As far as finding a name goes, i got some really good suggestions, but i haven't decided on anything yet.
While i like both Snail and Yellowpants a lot, i'm not sure they're it. Not right now anyways.

Fie makes a good point, it would make perfect sense to stick with what i have already:
It's already me, so it wouldn't be much of a change. And i do like it.
And Martin also had a good idea too when i talked to him earlier:
A. Pedersen
It's simple and it sounds kind of vintage-like, like an old menswear boutique or something like that.
I like that.
And then there's the obvious one:
Flora Amalie
Boring, maybe, but it might still work.
I dunno.

I like by the way.
If the shop i have in mind doesn't wanna sell my stuff anymore, which there is a good chance they won't since it's been about a year since i talked to them, i'll give Etsy a try.


  1. I was thinking of suggesting just, Flora. Cause it sounds nice! And its simple.

    I still like yellowpants. Its fun and funky, and not something anyone is likely to forget..

  2. Hmm.. Det er svært. Princessinferno kan hele verden udtale og det lyder jo bare cool. A. Pedersen lyder som du siger lidt old school, og det skal man ikke kimse ad! Og Flora Amalie lyder jo næsten royalt!! Alle tre gode bud! Tough one!
    ...Jeg er vist ikke til meget hjælp!