Thursday, August 28, 2008

I completely forgot about this

We were at a wedding a couple of weeks ago.
More like a pre-wedding actually, but it had all the regular wedding activities: songs, toasts, people banging on glass to get the couple to kiss while standing on chairs or something silly like that.

Anyway, one of the toasts was given by a colleague of the groom.
She talked about a lot of stuff, like where they met, and anecdotes from their work and stuff.
She wasn't the greatest public speaker ever.
At some point she talks about him, the groom, being into eBay shopping and the internet in general.
Then she says: "and guess what he finally got last week?"
And everyone smiles like they already know what he got last week.
And she says: "a Facebook account!"
And then they all clap.
No, for real.
People applauded Facebook.
All except me, Allan and the two people we hung out with all evening.

Since when is it good taste to a) discuss internet networking tools in wedding toasts and
Yes, i am shocked. Still.

Otherwise it was a nice party. A bit hot if you, like me, were dressed in vintage 60's couture made from the same fabric used by the first people in space (i'm guessing).
Crappy phone picture evidence:

(It's really pretty with a huge bow in the back. The picture is awful, so you'll just have to take my word for it).

1 comment:

  1. Fin kjole!

    Lyder som et lidt indspist bryllup, hvis alle er superglade over at gommen er på Facebook... Gad vide, hvad folk klappede af i 1910'erne eller 1970'erne til bryllupper? Ja, nu har gommen jo endelig fået en cikel! Eller ja, nu har gommen jo endelig fået bakkenbarter?!

    Hm, måske skal man bare more sig over det tidstypiske i det og ignorere det overfladiske.

    Håber dog, at der er lidt mere indhold på lørdag, hvis nogen siger noget...:-)