Thursday, August 7, 2008


Tonight we're going to our summerhouse.
Then it'll be a real vacation at last.
We have a show to go to first, but after that we're rollin'!

We packed so many craft supplies, i think we could build our own summerhouse if we had to (or at least decorate the crap out of one)!
And i'm bringing along my rice cooker and onigiri molds, so i can cook some japanese food for my mom and dad.
Oh, and we might bring the xbox too...

There is internet down there, but it's so slow it'll make you wanna kill yourself after about 7 minutes, so there won't be a lot of blog action for at least a few days.
This'll obviously hurt me more than it hurts you.

This is where we're going:


  1. Ok, men så skal du fanme også skynde dig, vi lører om en halv time!

  2. it looks beautiful!!

    my plans are ever evolving. ill be there so soon!

  3. God tur og hils!! Jeg anbefaler ishusets hindbæris! Jeg håber ikke min mor har taget alle jeres tallerkener, hun har vist været nede og samle ind til brylluppet :-)

  4. Satans! Det nåede jeg jo ikke!! Der er mindst gået en time nu!!

  5. Have a wonderful and relaxing time!