Friday, August 29, 2008


Sometimes they're really annoying.
But most of the times they're really, really awesome.
Yesterday Sussie, who hasn't been tattooed at the shop for over two years, had an appointment.
And she heard you're supposed to bring cake.
That's not entirely true, but we do appreciate it. Especially homemade, mushy banana/chocolate cake.

Here's the cake

And here's Sussie, aka my bookpusher, getting a frog named Victor on her leg

And today Matt and Steph are back. They're some of our favorite customers.
Not that we like to play favorites, but it's always fun having them here.
And they sometimes bring us fun crap for the shop.
Like these tiny terrified people, trying to escape from various shop toys, stuffed parrots... and Matt:

Good stuff!


  1. is that one guy brandishing a chameleon??

  2. Thanx for your link to my dark corner in blog hell. I'm proud to have the chance to say that I am linked to the Amalie/Allen klan. Makes my life filled with purpose and an achiever Go-get-'em kinda mood. I comment on your blog instead of allans this time so you can say that I commented on yours instead of his, since this must make him even more proud of you and put him in a Go-get-'em achievers mood as well. Don't know if it would be appropriate, but how about letting us see Allan on that couch next time (you shooting him...), all dressed down in his best undies.

    Puss och kram till er bada


  3. i have those! did you buy them loose or in the package? they're "b-movie horror victims"; on the package it gave set-up instructions and ideas to create your own attacking monsters to pose them around.

  4. We got them as a present in a box, i believe they were running from a giant teddy bear on the package!

    Ps. Corey, it's a stuffed parrot in a kimono holding a chameleon sceleton in it's hand, duh!