Sunday, August 3, 2008

At the laundromat

I have this giant bedspread that Lucifer peed on moths ago.
I know, gross.
Anyway, i've been putting off washing it for a long time cause it doesn't fit in a regular washing machine, so i'd have to wash it in an industrial machine.
Well, there's this really old school laundromat right across the street, so yesterday, after vacuuming and cleaning windows, i decided to finally just do it.

It was really cool, that place.
There was this sweet old lady, walking around sweeping, who gave me good advice on how to dry it.
There were machines that looked like they'd been there since the 70's.
There were ads for detergent that i've never heard of, so those must have been from the 70's.

I brought along a book, but i didn't read much, it was much more fun just watching people.
These four Spanish, just a guess, tourists came in about halfway through my wash.
They stood in front of one of the dryers and talked really loud.
When the dryer finished they almost jumped inside to get they're clothes out, it just couldn't get out of there fast enough for them.
And then they went in to a folding frenzy.
They were fast folders, real fast.
But thorough too.
They were so into folding they didn't even notice me taking a ton of pictures with my phone.

Look at that guy with his ridiculous little backpack.
If that doesn't just scream "rob me, i'm a tourist" with a side of "kick my ass" i don't know what does.
Oh, and his pants were all kinds of stupid too.
When they left i realized it wasn't just him, three out of the four of them were wearing those stupid little backpacks, in different colors!
What the hell?
Some people are just not meant for travel i guess.

It was a cool place, next time Lucifer pees on my bedspread i won't wait this long to go over there and wash it.


  1. i need to get down to the laundromat myself... but not today.. i dont want to walk that far (2 blocks ha!)

    at my laudromat, i usually have the pleasure of watching strange ladies have yelling matches with the dryers...

  2. i had a good laugh reading this post. yeah, the spanish are not necessarily known for their fashion sense, are they ;-) very cool laundromat.

  3. Hey !! I have one of them backpacks !!! I take it with me everywhere when I travel !!! It's great to store a lonely planet of where I'm going and my hostel dorm key !!!! Hey wassup ?? Do ya miss me !? Huh ?? do ya do ya !?!?!?

  4. If you're looking for a freak show, there is no better place than your local laundromats. In NYC many apartments do not have laundry facilities so you must go to the mat and let me tell ya sister, it's best to just bring a bag of popcorn and enjoy the show!