Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sunday shopping

I just came back from Fisketorvet, a nearby mall that we usually just refer to as Fiskehelvedet ("Fishhell").
We don't really have a mall culture here in Denmark, so the few there are tend to attract a weird mix of people.
Anyway, we went there today cause it's the only place that's open on sundays.
We just needed a couple of things from the supermarket, health food store and h&m.

And also, i needed to get my bike checked out.
It's less than a year old and it's been falling apart since i bought it.
It's a piece of crap, worst bicycle i've ever had.
But i was seduced by it's delicious applegreen color.
I'm an idiot.

Well, this friday it got downright dangerous.
I noticed on my way home from work, with Lucifer in his basket up front, that the handlebars were lose.
Not a good thing.
So i brought it to Fiskehelvedet, where i'd made the mistake of buying it less than a year ago.
I explained to them everything that was wrong with the bike, and they acted very surprised.
"But it's a Raleigh, they make quality bikes" they said.
Eeh, not so much anymore, since they're now mass produced in a chinese sweatshop, just like all the cheaper brands. One of our customers told me this, and Wikipedia confirms it.
I told them that and the were, again, very surprised.
"But my mom has a Raleight that's 25 years old and she never had a problem with it" says one of the sales people*.
Yes genius, that was a long time ago, back when they still made a decent bicycle.
Anyway, after explaining to them all the things that are wrong with my bike, one of them decides to blame the whole fiasco on the fact that i didn't bring it in for a three month checkup.
"Many of those things are exactly the things we discover and fix at the three month checkup" he says, with a not so subtle "it's your own damn fault" tone.
Ok, so it's normal for a Raleigh bike to completely fall apart within three months, so it needs every part replaced or repaired, and your still trying to convince me that i bought a good quality bicycle?
So now i'm bikeless until tuesday.
And they're even gonna charge me for the checkup.
By now i just want it in a condition that's good enough for me to sell it cheap to someone who just needs any bike.
I still don't know what kind to replace it with, but anything is better than this.
Oh, Pink Lightning, why did you leave me?

On a lighter note, we took a walk down to this really hip kiosk (i know, weird right?) were we bought some coffee, licorice icecream ("Superflyer", you gotta try that if you're in DK) and a cookie that we enjoyed at a table outside in the sun.
I love sundays.

*i call them that because i know from a previous experience, that they don't have a clue about fixing bikes, so that's basically all they are.

Friday, August 29, 2008


Sometimes they're really annoying.
But most of the times they're really, really awesome.
Yesterday Sussie, who hasn't been tattooed at the shop for over two years, had an appointment.
And she heard you're supposed to bring cake.
That's not entirely true, but we do appreciate it. Especially homemade, mushy banana/chocolate cake.

Here's the cake

And here's Sussie, aka my bookpusher, getting a frog named Victor on her leg

And today Matt and Steph are back. They're some of our favorite customers.
Not that we like to play favorites, but it's always fun having them here.
And they sometimes bring us fun crap for the shop.
Like these tiny terrified people, trying to escape from various shop toys, stuffed parrots... and Matt:

Good stuff!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Allan's blog

He hasn't been on there in 2-3 weeks, but last night, in the middle of the night, he decided to do about a trillion posts.
So i think you should go over there and comment on one or two of them.
Cause the people who check his blog are basically stalkers who never comment, and i think he deserves a comment or two for his effort!

I completely forgot about this

We were at a wedding a couple of weeks ago.
More like a pre-wedding actually, but it had all the regular wedding activities: songs, toasts, people banging on glass to get the couple to kiss while standing on chairs or something silly like that.

Anyway, one of the toasts was given by a colleague of the groom.
She talked about a lot of stuff, like where they met, and anecdotes from their work and stuff.
She wasn't the greatest public speaker ever.
At some point she talks about him, the groom, being into eBay shopping and the internet in general.
Then she says: "and guess what he finally got last week?"
And everyone smiles like they already know what he got last week.
And she says: "a Facebook account!"
And then they all clap.
No, for real.
People applauded Facebook.
All except me, Allan and the two people we hung out with all evening.

Since when is it good taste to a) discuss internet networking tools in wedding toasts and
Yes, i am shocked. Still.

Otherwise it was a nice party. A bit hot if you, like me, were dressed in vintage 60's couture made from the same fabric used by the first people in space (i'm guessing).
Crappy phone picture evidence:

(It's really pretty with a huge bow in the back. The picture is awful, so you'll just have to take my word for it).

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sascha is back

Not with a vengeance, but with a trucker stache.
The boys are rockin' out, xbox stylee.
And i think maybe the stache is making Sascha rock harder than usual?

In progress

Since i don't have any good hat pictures yet, i'll just post a picture of my messy desk instead.
But i hope to have some pictures of the actual hats (or hair decorations?whatever they are!) to post soon.
I'm excited to hear you guys' opinion... or scared, not sure which one it is?

As far as finding a name goes, i got some really good suggestions, but i haven't decided on anything yet.
While i like both Snail and Yellowpants a lot, i'm not sure they're it. Not right now anyways.

Fie makes a good point, it would make perfect sense to stick with what i have already:
It's already me, so it wouldn't be much of a change. And i do like it.
And Martin also had a good idea too when i talked to him earlier:
A. Pedersen
It's simple and it sounds kind of vintage-like, like an old menswear boutique or something like that.
I like that.
And then there's the obvious one:
Flora Amalie
Boring, maybe, but it might still work.
I dunno.

I like by the way.
If the shop i have in mind doesn't wanna sell my stuff anymore, which there is a good chance they won't since it's been about a year since i talked to them, i'll give Etsy a try.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Randomness from the iPhone

Lucifer managed to chase a cat up a tree in Bisserup.
Kind of a big deal for him.
I discovered a strange plant in the woods
Yesterday by the lake.
It looks peaceful, but in reality it's more like a loud outdoor gym full of sweaty people dressed in spandex.
So proud...

Monday, August 25, 2008


My little workspace at home got a makeover yesterday and i can already feel a dramatic change.
It takes so little, we moved the table out so my back is against the wall and i'm looking out the window and at the room, and i'm so much more comfortable there now.
I'm feeling just as creative now as i did in Bisserup.
So i guess it wasn't just the internet. It was a combination of the internet and bad feng shui.

Yesterday i bought more hat supplies in this wonderful shop i discovered recently.
I feel pretty silly not knowing it was there all this time, but better late than never i guess.
The weather was completely insane and when i came home all my clothes, even my socks, were wet.
But it was well worth it, i got some really cool stuff.
Today i finished the hats i made in Bisserup and updated a couple of old hats i made months ago.
I also made some boxes for them, but most of them won't fit in there cause they're too tall.
I have to figure out another way to package them i guess.

I actually need your help with something, blog buddies.
I wanna sell this stuff, what i make. And i wanna try to sell it at a store.
I have never done that before, and it's something i really wannna try. Soon.
I've never been ambitious, so when i finally do have something resembling a goal, i have to move fast before i forget this is something i wanted!

The problem is that i have no name for my product.
And i feel like it needs a name. Something i can put on the tag and say, "this is my little brand" or something like that.
Now, i don't wanna call it something with the word "hat" in it, since i might want to make something completely different tomorrow.
And no Nick, it's not gonna be called "Yellowpants" either.
But other than that i have no idea.
So any suggestions would be very welcome.
If you're a person who know anything about either fashion or marketing, share the wisdom.
And if you know nothing about either, you should still help me out!
Ok, go!

Friday, August 22, 2008


It's all blurry. Oh well.



So i asked my mom the other day "what happens if i plant an acorn"?
And my mom said "well, maybe you'll get a tree"!

And i thought "good enough"!

Thursday, August 21, 2008


This week someone must have sent out a memo to the Danish media informing them, that tattoos are now cool, trendy and socially acceptable.
Cause this week alone we've been contacted by two reporters and a production company, wanting to do something about tattoos, or wanting us to help them find cool, tattooed people.

One of them even said it was for a piece about "trendy" tattoos. He kept using that word.
I'm guessing his idea of a trendy tattoo is as dated as the word itself.

I don't blame them. If it's interesting and new, it's their job to write about it. Or do a tv show about it. Or whatever.
No, i blame Miami Ink. And friggin Kat von Dizzle. I don't have a tv and i've only watched the horrid thing a couple of times in the States, but i find that when in doubt, it's best to just blame Miami Ink.
It's only just made it to Denmark recently, but having seen the effect it's had on people in other countries, and i'm actually scared to see the impact it will have on Danes, who are famous for being completely fucking cluesless when it comes to tattoos*.
They're already obsessed with getting tattoos that "symbolize something" and have a "deep, personal meaning" that only they understand.
Doesn't matter if it's well made or if it looks good, as long as it means something, anything.
And that show, being all about finding some bullshit meaning with even the most mainstream motif, is just gonna convince them they're right.

Like the star. The boring little star in black outline.
There must be thousands of people who have those, in some size and place. Hundreds in Copenhagen alone.
And still people come in here and claim that "it means something special to me".
And it's not that i think tattoos shouldn't mean anything at all. It's just that i think they should also look good and be made well.
And, if at all possible, they should be unique.

Ok, back to the media rant.
It just puts us in a dilemma.
We don't really want to participate in these things.
We don't want or need the publicity.
We would just have to explain to even more random walk-ins why we won't do their tattoo, and even though we're really nice and polite about it, people still get pissed off.
And i don't like pissing people off.

But on the other hand, if we don't do this show/interview/thingie there's a chance the uninformed media person will go to a crap shop with bad artwork and poor hygiene.
And they'll show them a bunch of bad tattoos with lot's of special meaning, and that's bad for us as well as the person considering getting a tattoo.

Oh well, you can't spend your life trying to educate people who already know everything, and you definitely can't control the hype.

*Partly because i travel around the world telling people they are!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Oh, and did you see the poster for "Wanted"?

Now, i really wanna see this movie, judging by the trailer it's gonna be full of crazy action goodness.
But how horrible is that poster?
All that money and that's the best they can do?

And her fake tattoos are just plain weird. What's that thing on her wrist and palm, celtic or something?
It makes no sense.
She probably "designed" them herself. She's beautiful, no doubt, but she has the suckiest taste in tattoos. As most celebrities do.
And sucky taste in clothes too.
The tabloids seem to have forgotten now that they've practically made the woman into a saint, but i remember those leather pants.

Did i mention that i'm tired?

Two after-midnight days in a row

I'm tired.
Tomorrow better be shorter or i'm gonna burn out.
Yeah, i know Allan has it worse than me, but i've been busy too.
And i'm tired. Did i mention i'm tired?
And Lucifer's tired too.
But it's been a good day, i like getting lot's of stuff done. Especially the stuff i didn't plan.
Which is most, cause i rarely plan anything.
Ok, i can barely form a sentence in my head, so i better stop now.

Here's some pictures of me, my snail and an actual snail we met in my parents garden the day we went to Copenhagen for my grandfathers birthday.
It was a fun snail, fast too!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Still in a weird after-vacation mood

I don't feel like writing much yet.
But i do have some Bisserup pictures to show you, the ones i didn't have the patience to upload while i was down there.

So here, i hope it looks as great as it is!

In no particular order:

My house(s)

I didn't shoot this one, obviously. Allan did.
When my dad tore down the old kitchen he found out where the mouse had lived.
And that it ate Tom's Gold Caramels and walnuts.

Last swim of the season.
It was very, very cold, but my cousin Nikolaj talked me into it.
And it was great.
Cows pose for you if you yell "hey cow!" at them.
End of the road
This one is for Nick

My dad really, really likes Lucifer

Friday, August 15, 2008

I'm back (only not really)

After a break from the blog this long, the longest in the life of this blog, it's hard to get back in to it.

And after a break this long, are any of my six readers still coming by here at all?
I wouldn't. I haven't been.
I'm still here, in my summerhouse, if you're wondering.
There is internet here. Internet so slow you could write a screenplay while it uploads your pictures.
You could write a screenplay about uploading pictures.
Or not.
But if there's internet, why haven't i been blogging?
Why haven't i been online for like three days?
I thinks because i've been out here, living.
Something i feel like i've been neglecting lately. Before coming here anyway.
I'm online for work all day and when i come home i just automatically continue.
Blog, ebay, myspace, gossip and news sites.
After a few days here i realized that the reason i haven't been creative for a while isn't a block or anything mysterious.
It's not that i don't have ideas or time.
It's just the fucking internet.
Since coming here i've made almost five hats (or head decorations if you will).
I've been taking walks, relaxing. Hanging out with my parents.
I've been out running in the woods twice, with real running shoes and everything (and by doing that i've broken all four of my sacred running rules*).
I haven't missed Copenhagen, or work, one bit.
I had to go there two days in a row though, first for my grandfathers 91st birthday and again yesterday for a party for Martin's new record.
Both parties where great and i saw some great people.
But i couldn't wait to come back here.
Today me and Allan took a walk in the woods. The weather was a little rough, windy and cool, but the sun was out.
And i felt so damn peaceful.
Nature, waching Lucifer play with a stick five times his size, holding hands, collecting acorns, taking turns on a really unsafe swing made by an old rope and a piece of wood.
I'm finally old enough to fully appreciate how lucky i am to have had this place to come to my whole life.
I loved growing up in Copenhagen, but having a second home here has given me a childhood full of experiences most kids there never have.
I'm not sure when i'll be back here again, on the blog that is. Maybe monday at work. Probably not before.
Until then, here's some vacation picture goodness (but only a few, or modem rage will ruin my good mood) :

*Amalie's Four Rules of Running:
Run only when...
1. You're trying to catch a mugger
2. You're trying to catch the bus/train
3. Someone is chasing you
4. You're trying to escape from any type of diaster (such as volcanos, explosions, floods etc.)

Thursday, August 7, 2008


Tonight we're going to our summerhouse.
Then it'll be a real vacation at last.
We have a show to go to first, but after that we're rollin'!

We packed so many craft supplies, i think we could build our own summerhouse if we had to (or at least decorate the crap out of one)!
And i'm bringing along my rice cooker and onigiri molds, so i can cook some japanese food for my mom and dad.
Oh, and we might bring the xbox too...

There is internet down there, but it's so slow it'll make you wanna kill yourself after about 7 minutes, so there won't be a lot of blog action for at least a few days.
This'll obviously hurt me more than it hurts you.

This is where we're going:

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Diary of the Dead

Was not very good.
Not very good at all.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I'm pretty sure i broke all my nails today

Cleaning out the basement is a bitch.
My back hurts in a scary way and i smell like mold.
But i did find some fun, old pictures, that's always nice.

This vacation thing is turning out to be hard work.

Now, Angel and pizza.


We're taking some much needed time off these days.
No travel, just hanging out together. Not working (a lot).

Today* we put up some old, wooden beer cases (we use them for records) on the wall, framed a lot of paintings/pictures/stuff and finally mounted antlers above the tv.
What, your tv doesn't have antlers? Loser.

I framed the picture i took of the three of us the other day, in the spirit of taking time off together and all.
It came out pretty cute i think.

And a closer look...

(And yes, that IS an autographed picture of Shaktimaan in the first photo)

*Which is now yesterday, cause blogger wouldn't let me publish last night

Sunday, August 3, 2008

At the laundromat

I have this giant bedspread that Lucifer peed on moths ago.
I know, gross.
Anyway, i've been putting off washing it for a long time cause it doesn't fit in a regular washing machine, so i'd have to wash it in an industrial machine.
Well, there's this really old school laundromat right across the street, so yesterday, after vacuuming and cleaning windows, i decided to finally just do it.

It was really cool, that place.
There was this sweet old lady, walking around sweeping, who gave me good advice on how to dry it.
There were machines that looked like they'd been there since the 70's.
There were ads for detergent that i've never heard of, so those must have been from the 70's.

I brought along a book, but i didn't read much, it was much more fun just watching people.
These four Spanish, just a guess, tourists came in about halfway through my wash.
They stood in front of one of the dryers and talked really loud.
When the dryer finished they almost jumped inside to get they're clothes out, it just couldn't get out of there fast enough for them.
And then they went in to a folding frenzy.
They were fast folders, real fast.
But thorough too.
They were so into folding they didn't even notice me taking a ton of pictures with my phone.

Look at that guy with his ridiculous little backpack.
If that doesn't just scream "rob me, i'm a tourist" with a side of "kick my ass" i don't know what does.
Oh, and his pants were all kinds of stupid too.
When they left i realized it wasn't just him, three out of the four of them were wearing those stupid little backpacks, in different colors!
What the hell?
Some people are just not meant for travel i guess.

It was a cool place, next time Lucifer pees on my bedspread i won't wait this long to go over there and wash it.