Saturday, July 26, 2008

Why people suck

Yesterday afternoon i was sitting outside the shop, playing with my iPhone (as usual) and having a glass of water. It was so hot outside and there were lots of people in the street.

All of a sudden i hear a loud crash and there's shattered glass everywhere. Large chunks and tiny pieces all over the sidewalk and the road. I got hit by some too, no broken skin or anything though.
A family standing next to me eating ice cream seemed to be really shocked, i was a bit startled too.
We went out into the street to look up and maybe see where it came from, but lots of windows were open, so it could be any one of them. No one looked out.

Lucifer was on the sidewalk next to me when it happened, had he been sniffing around just a few meters down from where he was, he could have been dead or seriously injured.
I took him to safety in the shop and started looking around the backyard for a broom.
When i couldn't find an outdoors one, i took our own broom from the shop and went to clean up the mess.

In the meantime the owner of the giant glass ashtray, or candle holder or whatever it was, had noticed what happened and was out there too. With a tiny little useless dustpan!
She went to the shop nextdoor to ask if they had a broom but they didn't, so she swept a little more and then said something like "that'll do for now".
I said to her that we should probably sweep some more cause little kids walk there, some of them barefeet. Pets too. So we did, me more than her.

Then she says this:"It was lucky that it didn't hit a car".
Seriously, she said that. I was completely stunned. I'm not one for the snappy comebacks, but i did manage to say:"Or a person!?" and she kinda went:"Yeahh..", like it hadn't even ocurred to her that something that heavy falling onto the sidewalk could very easily kill someone.
Then she said thanks and she went into the backyard and didn't return, leaving me and Dan to clean up the rest from the sidewalk and the street.

Fun fact: this building, the one our shop is in, is owned by some kind of teachers union, so the people who live there are mostly school teachers.
Most of them, with very few exceptions, are very rude and unfriendly.
And it seems like some of them are complete morons too.


  1. I work as a policiofficer for a living. One day we were on patrol in civilian clothes and in a civilian car. We saw this old man brushing up glass from the sidewalk. We said to eachother "what a decent man". Then we saw that the man whiped the shattered glass under the tire of a car. I got out, ID'ed myself and asked the man what he was doing. In two seconds his whole family was in front of me yelling, the man broke his broom out of anger. Talkative skills got us to ease it down and we got him to clean his glass up from under the car.

    People + glass = fucked up.

    Glad nobody one got hurt in front of your shop! You handled it well though, You didn't made it worse than it was, that shows you're a good person.

  2. Hold da kæft en ubehagelig oplevelse!! Og er du gal en nederen kælling!! Folk er bare latterlige! Og det der efterhånden undrer mig helt vildt er, at vi to - om nogen - VED hvor dybt latterlige langt de fleste mennesker er, men STADIG bliver vi lige overraskede hver gang vi møder en eller anden nar, der bare ikke fatter en brik af noget.. Men måske er det positivt? Så har vi måske alligevel ikke givet helt op på alle folk...? Hmm..
    Er i hvert fald glad for at høre, at ingen dyr eller mennesker, men selvfølgelig primært at ingen biler, led overlast.. Og husk så også lige, at gården ikke er et hundetoilet. Godt så!

  3. i'm glad to hear that you and lucifer did not get hurt by this freak accident. this afternoon looking out the window from the train i saw this one apartment balcony full of plant pots on the rail and thought, "whoa, don't people living downstairs say anything about those pots?" very scary.

  4. wow, its nice (not) to see that people are as ignorant no matter where in the world you are... gah!

    glad you guys werent hurt!