Monday, July 28, 2008


Yesteday we cruised around Cph in the crazy summer heat. Yes, it's finally here and i'm not complaining!

We went to visit another tattoo shop in the area (a pretty damn nice one too) and we got some of that sweet Sicilian icecream that i love.
Across the street from the icrecream place there's an antique store and we spontaneously bought some furniture for the shop.* Dan got us a 150 kr. discount (me and Allan are impossible at getting the price down, we're just too bad at lying and we wanna please people too, not good qualities if you want cheap furniture)!
I'll get a picture of that tomorrow when we've taken it to the shop.

Here's Allan, in Driving miss Sinnes:

*Don't worry Nick, it'll go great with the sofa!


  1. Can't wait to see it !!!

    I MISS YA GUYS !!!!! Don't forget about me !!!!!!!!!!!

  2. We miss you toooooooooo!!!
    Come home soon!!
    And bring snacks with peanut butter in them!