Monday, July 28, 2008

Solo sunday

Today Allan went to Jylland to see Iron Maiden.
I hate Iron Maiden. So obviously i didn't go. Too bad cause i love a good roadtrip and they'd rented a Mini.
Oh well.

It was hot today, so i wanted to go swimming. I haven't been swimming this year, unless you count that one time in California where i went in the pool with a new tattoo (that will probably never heal well as a result of that).
But i couldn't find anyone to go with. It made me really miss my friends in the States.
I'm pretty sure i could convince at least one of them to hang out with me on a sunday.
Unless of course they were all going to see Maiden with Allan...?
Great! Even in my own hypothetical world i can't get people to hang out with me.
That's pretty pathetic.

Anyway, i left Lucifer at home (something he wasn't too pleased about) and rode my bike down to the harbour bath. Yes, we swim in the harbour here and it is awesome.
I brought a floppy straw hat, a book, some water and a beach towel. I didn't bring a camera, so if you were hoping for a bikini shot, Allan, it's not gonna happen.
I had a feeling people were looking at me funny cause i was alone, but i was probably just being paranoid. It's just that everyone were all coupled up. Girlfriends, married couples, people with their kids. I'm pretty sure i was the only one there without a bathing buddy.
But i'm glad i went, it was wonderful and refreshing.

After i came home i ordered some sushi and watched Casablanca. I bought it on dvd yesterday. I'd never seen it before and it seems like one of those movies you have to see at least once.
I liked it, there were so many good lines in it. My favorite was this:
Ugarte: You despise me, don't you?
Rick: If I gave you any thought, I probably would.

Nice one Bogart!

After dinner+movie i dyed my hair. Yeah, a real girl-home-alone night this turned out to be.
It's pretty much the same colour as before, since it was an all natural product. Maybe in the sun tomorrow i'll see the difference.
I considered painting my toenails, just to make my girl night complete, but instead i did something creative.
That was actually my goal for today: produce something, anything.
So i made some iPhone covers! A reader of this very blog inspired me to make some myself instead of buying them, so i made a couple of different ones for myself and one for Allan too.
They're not super well made cause i was in a hurry to get them done before Allan comes home, but they'll work.

I had fun today, spending time with yourself isn't so bad after all.


  1. Here's looking at you kid !

    Those Iphonemallecovers are awesome !!!! I want one for my Mac !!!!!!! No really ! We talk more when I get back and bribe you with the cool shit I got you guys at the Comicon !!!!!!

    Casablanca is a def. must !!!!! Def one of my bestest !!!

    We'll always have Copenhagen !! Take care and I hope the pain of my absence is almost unbearable !!!! I LOVE YOU !!!!

  2. Ah, cool you made those iphone covers, they're awesome. I especially love the Han Solo one but then again I am star wars geek :)

  3. Hehe, aren't we all!
    And thanks for the tip!