Thursday, July 17, 2008


The weather sucks these days.
It's not terrible, but it's not summer either. It's like last year.
So i'm thinking, i might as well get tattooed then, right?
But what if the weather suddenly changes for the better, then i can't go swimming!?
And i need to go swimming.
Can't have both, what to do?


  1. just go for it. then, if its super nice and you cant swim, you at least have a pretty new tattoo.

    otherwise, it stays crummy and you have nothing.

    im getting my feet done in a week. i bet the weather either gets so hot that everyone wants to go to the beach, or it starts to pour so i need to put shoes on...

  2. Weatherman said that summer will be here next week. Sunn will shine and the water needs at least a week to get on temperature. So from today you have two weeks.

    My advice, get tattooed, have two weeks to heal and then go swimming so all get to enjoy your new tattoo.