Friday, July 18, 2008

Casualties of iPhone

What am i gonna do about these guys?
I've spent so long coming up with the perfect phone gadget combination and now they're homeless!

Little Kewpie-dressed-like-Booska, fuzzy donut i got from Faedra, Onigiri, tiny posca pen that's always so handy at the airport and last but not least, miniature photoalbum...
What am i gonna do without you guys? And more important, how am i ever gonna find the phone in my bag without the giant ball of crap attached to it?


  1. you know, this is exactly what my friend and i were talking about: how one is gonna find her/his iphone in a bag full of stuff and grab it good so as not to drop it on the ground.

    but aside from no tiny hole for dangling thingies, how do you like your iphone?

  2. Oh my god i LOVE it!
    In a totally sad, nerdy way!
    Me and Allan both downloaded a lightsaber application, it's basically a picture of a lightsaber on your phone and it makes the "phoum" sound too, so we can fight eachother, jedi style!

    I'm gonna buy a cover for it tomorrow, maybe the cover will have a hole for my phone crap.