Thursday, June 12, 2008

I don't wanna go home

I was just reading the local news. It made me not wanna go back.
Nothing particularly bad happened, actually i read that some very important person has decided that Copenhagen is the best city in the world to live in.
But i still don't feel like being there.
There are people i don't wanna see, boring tasks that need to be done, financial crap that needs taking care of. And other peoples petty drama. Ugh.

Thankfully we don't go back until next week. And today we're going to Disneyland.

And now, random photos.

Having a smoothie before work (work, ha!)
If there was a hell, Allan would be going there for buying a jacket at this shop
Of all the things to write in wet cement
Klaus cracked the code to Allans suitcase
Hata also enjoys giant beverages
"And at night we hung out on the parking lot in front of Target!"
LA chic
Best guy, best bookstore
Afternoon sun


  1. YAY Target!!
    Lyder til I har det perfekt! Nyd det! Jeg er HELT enig i det med de mange nederen mennesker (det ved du!), men selve CPH kan man ikke ikke elske!
    Glæder mig til at ses.

  2. Oh the many evenings ( and nights ) of my North American childhood spent in mini mall parking lots !! True story !! And then the cops come and empty your beers in front of ya ! Anywho ... What do you mean you don't wanna come back !?!? People you don't wanna see ??? Petty drama ???? Financial crap ??????? But ... I'm here !!!!! You must have mistaken something !!!!!!! There's no other option really !!!! You must have forgotten I was here ! That's what happened !! As soon as you come to your senses ... You'll remember and all will be ok again !!!!

  3. Who are you again?

    No, don't cry!! I promise we'll come back and not be miserable at all!!

    Remember my birthday, we're doing... something!

  4. looks nice! i wanna be in the sun, too! oh, my "tootsie" (or toothlesstsie) boss is flying over there as we speak. if you should run into her, tell her to get an implant :p

  5. haha I think you best go home soon you are becoming too American ;> Hanging out in front of Target?? How was Disneyland? I went when I was very young but don't remember any of it:< Looks like you are having loads of fun California dreamin'. Safe travels!

  6. Actually, we skipped Disneyland and just hung out at the mall....
    Hmmm, i think you're right, we're way too american!!