Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Summer? Already?

Yup, pretty much!

Almost 23 degrees celsius. And bright sunshine.

I went here today. I don't come by this part of town often, this is where all the tourists are hiding out.

And this is what i'm wearing right now.
I'm all nautical, even my tights have little anchors on them. Too much? Who cares.
The Lucky Lou shoes are making their outdoors debut today, even though i bought them over a year ago. I've decided to be tough and suck up the pain, sometimes that's what you have to do to wear pretty shoes. That and wear bandaids.

They're very angry, my shoes. Maybe because they'd rather be in Polynesia?

In other news, maybe we found buyers for our old apartment that we're trying to sell. I went out there today to show it to some girls, and they seemed very interested. Not paying two rents would be pretty awesome.


  1. Wraaarw, siger dine sko. Gode til at skræmme lavtgående hunde og børn væk. Men bare fordi, de er vrede, behøver du da ikke se så grumpy ud... hello sailor!

  2. Jeg var vist ved at give min lavtgående hund en skideballe for at stikke af, jeg er bange for at sure tiki sko ikke virker på ham!