Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Weird and wonderful

Today has been a strange little day already, full of cake and colors!

On my way to work i saw a bunch of friends who used to play in the same band, they were all on their bikes, none of them saw me and they weren't all together. Very random. And when i arrived at the shop my friend Martin, who also used to be in the before mentioned band, was there.

Outside the shop i met Franny, one of our customers, who said she came by to bribe us into giving her a new appointment. With baked goods! That has never happened before. And when i came inside, there it was. A basked full of flowers and home baked "kanelsnegle" (danish cinnamon cake, mmmmmm!)
More customers should try this out. Bribing your tattooer with cake will get you an appointment a lot faster than just calling them and complaining about how busy they are.

I spent the next hour or so with Martin and Allan. Martin was playing all the new stuff he's been working on, Allan was drawing. I was eating cake, and the British toffees Martin brought back from his recent trip to London with his grandmother. Good cake, good toffees. Fat Amalie.
Nick came and ranted about the danish postal service, who lately have become his arch-nemesis. They do indeed suck, ruining our mail, and holding our paintings ransom....

(Nice moves there, red eyes)

Anyway, then my mom called, she was in the city and we had planned to go to lunch together. We have a cafe that we like to go to, it's called the Royal Cafe, and it's a real Japanese tourist trap. So of course i love it. Their specialty is smushies, a mix of the famous danish "smørrebrød", an open faced sandwich, and sushi (because it's in small delicious bites). Awesome concept.

Another reason i like it, besides the cute decor, is the fact that i can bring Lucifer in there. The waiter (who i think you would have liked Ai) even brought over a water bowl for the dog

So we had smushies and cake (more cake, i am bad) and talked. And i checked her new tattoo, looks like she's taking good care of it, and it suits her so well

So after lunch i rode back to the shop. Saw this thing on the way. Don't know who put it there, but i like it

I only stayed at the shop for 20 minutes before i had to go to my old apartment and show it to a potential buyer (and her mom). It's about a 15 minute ride, which i needed cause of all the damn cake i ate today!
The apartment looked great, i'm actually surprised we haven't sold it yet. Guess it's just a bad time for that. The girl seemed interested, so it wasn't a complete waste going out there. And i took some pictures of the apartment and the building to put in the add i have online. It's been fun paying three rents every month, but enough is enough.

This is where i used to live

Now i'm back at the shop.
Allan is tattooing a girl from Switzerland and a local photographer is taking pictures of the whole thing. It's never dull here.

Tomorrow is may 1st, a big deal in Denmark. And it's a national holiday. Guess who's working? Yup, that would be us.


  1. Super hyggeligt og nice med snegle!!

  2. yep, i would like me a cute "straight" waiter from denmark very much.

    hey, i like checking your blog. it's got lots of nice, colorful pictures, too. awesome!

  3. Haha, i'll send you one soon!

    Thanks for checking the blog!!