Sunday, May 17, 2015

About New York

All travels are different, and i think that all the trips you go on are supposed to teach you something, about the world or yourself.
I don't really know yet exactly what New York taught me.

Throughout the trip, i felt oddly disconnected with myself.
Almost a sense of unreality, or one long out of body experience.
My last trip had a clear purpose, work.
The one before that, however misguided, was for love.
This one was literally just because.
And because i didn't really know why i was there, at times, i almost felt like i wasn't.

We stayed in an apartment in Brooklyn that was very cold and extremely loud due to some batshit crazy neighbors, so we didn't spend much time there.
Actually the only good thing about that place was Andrew, the guy who lived there, and that was about it.
The area was nice enough, though, and we were within walking distance from our friends and good coffee.

I spent a lot of time just walking.
I'd go to Manhattan with Wendy in the morning and walk with her to the tattoo shop, and then set out to discover the city.
Some days with a destination in mind, mostly café's recommended to me by instagram followers, and some days just armed with my camera and google maps.
We went to clubs and bars, ate amazing food, met some cool people, hung out with old friends, took selfies with our selfie stick, danced, got sweet new tattoos, and generally had a shit ton of fun.

And the city blew me away.
The first day when we took the train from Brooklyn and crossed the bridge, seeing Manhattan from the train for the first time, i felt like i was in a movie.
It looked like a scene from Dark City or Blade Runner, something that couldn't possibly be a real place.
I think i've mentioned before that i love big cities and big buildings.
I like cities that overwhelm me, and New York sure as fuck did.
But i didn't fall in love.
I fell in some deep like, and i can think of a million reasons to go back and visit, but it didn't feel like home to me, the way Tokyo always does, or the way Mexico City did.

At times, the city even made me a bit uncomfortable.
Not in the sense that it scared me, i just didn't always know what to make of it.
It was kind of like hanging out with someone famous you've admired from afar for decades, and not really knowing what to talk to them about.
I felt thrilled to be in the same city as Paul Auster and Bill Murray and Sarah Jessica Parker and Method Man, and at the same time i felt nothing.
It wasn't the city, though, it was me.
Being in this weird stage in my life where i'm so unsure of what to do about myself and my future, traveling without a purpose, other than pure exploration, can feel a whole lot like running away.

When the trip came to an end, both me and Wendy were happy to be home. 
Coming home to a place that actually feels like home, a place that's just ours and where we feel comfortable and safe, really minimizes the post travel blues that usually hits me like a ton of bricks the second i set foot in Europe.

Maybe some day i'll figure out what this trip was supposed to teach me, but for now it was just a fun experience, a place i needed to check off the list, and a chance to travel somewhere with my best friend.
And maybe i do travel to run away from reality, but it's a whole lot easier to feel lost out there, than it is to feel lost in your own home sometimes.

Anyway, pictures!
I have one more unfinished roll in my camera, but since i'm broke as fuck, i can't afford to just waste the rest of it on random Berlin shots, so it'll be a little longer before you'll see the rest of the New York photos.
Probably not super long though... i'm running away again this week.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Home in analog

Yes, i will get my first New York film back today, but i probably won't have time to re-size and post the pictures until later this weekend, so here are some older photos from my new home in Neukölln.

I had a few shots left on my second Hawaii film, and i decided to waste them on random shots of the apartment!
It's mostly finished in these pictures, but i still kept finding room for improvement for a long time after, and even now i can still think of a couple of things i need to get done. But all in good time.
It looks and feels like a home, everything works, and we've only been living here for two months, after all.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

I heart NY

Posted without (much) comment, because i have too much to say, but no time to say it.
But hey, i'm back from New York, which was awesome, obviously.
The first batch of analog photos from our trip will be ready to pick up on Friday, so i'll do the writing thing then.
Ok? Ok!

Afternoon flights should be the only kind of flights

First cappuccino in the city, at WTF coffee in Brooklyn 

Breakfast at Mike's Diner

First of many squirrel friends

Excuse the shitty quality, but we had just bought our selfie stick (yes, you read that correctly) and were very excited to test it out on Time's Square

I really want to read that book

Most days were cold, some even rainy and windy and cold, but there was occasional sun

Big cities though...

The Wendy in the Williamsburg

I'm obsessed with the fire escapes... obsessed

We made so many dog friends in Brooklyn

I should have taken this picture on the first day, when the weather was good, but i was actually feeling too overwhelmed by the view the first time... star struck even

That one really warm day where i wore shorts

Favorite area

Japanese coffee house and bar with great service and tasty ice coffee

Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge at night was one of my favorite experiences of the whole trip

Seflies in the park surrounded by all the hip people? Oh hell yes

Zero fucks, and an oversized tank from the salvation army

Such a green city, much like Berlin

Knew i couldn't afford it, had to try it on anyway... doh

The best dog in Brooklyn belongs to our friends Adam and Marina

Adam did this amazing tattoo on me... so in love with it, which is funny cause it's actually a an anti-love tattoo, but whatever

Sakura mochi at a place i've wanted to go to since i was a teenager because of this book

Another one from the bridge, because come on...

Favorite barista made me a bear

Making new friends and trying on their hair, because lolz

Brooklyn Botanical Garden

They had a pretty sweet Japanese garden there, and we went for a quick walk with all the other tourists

Our selfie stick was not frowned upon here!

As seen from the Staten Island ferry

Shitty picture, yes, but hello veggie chicken and waffles with a side of mac 'n' cheese... probably the best thing i've ever eaten

Bought my new favorite t-shirt from Phat Albert's Warehouse, and a new lipstick at Target... other than that i pretty much just brought home snacks and rice seasoning!

My first time ever at a strip club, and i must say that this establishment's bad reputation was undeserved... lovely and talented girls inside, and a food truck outside!

That one time it rained so much my socks got wet, and i had to buy new ones at H&M, and the only place to change was the New York Public Library... they had wifi too!

Black on black and matching coffees, and a strangers toes

Walking on the West Side

Wearing tights because getting fat... that's what happens in the US!

Outside Carrie's house!