Monday, March 23, 2015

No cacti, no palm trees


New neighborhood, new street, new dog walking routes, new supermarket to shop in, new habits, new ubahn station... new photo guy?

I shot a little under two films when i was in Maui, and earlier this week, i walked up the street from my house, and went into the first photo store i ran into, to get them developed.
It was run by a couple of older dudes, and it smelled like cigars, but you gotta start somewhere, right?
Saturday i got my pictures back, and they did a good job, and it even cost a little less than in Schöneberg.
So here's the first of a couple of analog posts from beautiful, sunny Maui.
They're mostly from in and around Paia, and from a day trip with Tali and Justin to Twin Falls.

It's a nice, sunny day in Berlin, but it's still so damn cold that i almost can't remember what summer and heat feels like.
But it's starting to smell like spring... you know that smell. 
It's magical, isn't it?

Today i wanted to buy a cactus, and ended up walking for about an hour without finding a single one.
I love my new neighborhood, but it has a serious lack of florists!

Friday, March 20, 2015

White walls

Well shit, it's been a while, hasn't it?
But as you can probably imagine, a lot has happened since my last post.
A lot.
I've been living in my new home for two weeks now.
I can't believe it's been this long already, but looking around at all the progress we've made, it's actually kind of hard to believe it hasn't been longer.
I guess that's what happens when two people suffering from mild OCD move in together... shit gets taken care of!

The first four, five, six, days, we didn't rest. Or eat. Or sleep much.
We just unpacked, decorated, built.
And then Lucifer moved in. 
And my parents arrived, to help us with things like putting up lamps, and to provide some much needed moral support.
I had bags under my eyes and a face full of stress acne.
Not a pretty sight, but i didn't leave the house much anyway.

They were really hard, those first days, and i kinda crashed emotionally when they were over.
I guess finally feeling safe, after the year i've had, was almost too much.
Some days i was so sad, and i didn't understand why, and i felt so guilty about feeling sad, when i should be happy.
It's hard to explain, but i think that up until this point, i've kind of been in survival mode.
Burying my feelings with a promise to deal with them at a later time, but maybe i never did.
Maybe i forgot to deal.
And suddenly it felt like cheating ex'es, other women, lost dreams, and haunted houses finally caught up with me, and it happened at a time when i was already so damn stressed from packing, moving and studying all at once.
I'll admit i was scared of having a full on breakdown, but it never happened, and at this point, i feel ok.
Happy even.

And let me tell you, our new home?
It's beautiful.
It's the most amazing apartment i've ever lived in, and i've been more or less obsessed with decorating it just right.
And although that's the fun part, it's actually been pretty difficult.
A lot of the things i thought i was gonna put in my room didn't fit, and some of them all of a sudden reminded me too much of my old life.
I wanted something fresh and new, and i wanted to find out what my personal decorating style really was, which is surprisingly hard after 12 years of compromising with another person.
I really had no clue, so with my room, i took it really slow and tried to trust my instinct and let the room tell me what it wanted to be.
God, that sounded stupid!
Anyway, with the kitchen and living room, i wanted it to be very simple, but cozy at the same time, so both me and Wendy would feel at home.
It's a challenge, decorating a new home with the exact same things that was in the previous home, and still making it look completely different, but i think we pulled it off!

So this is life at the moment.
Decorating, waiting for internet people and locksmiths, spending lots of money on deposits and moving companies, hanging shelves and paintings, and trying to not get overwhelmed by it all.
And to keep myself sane, i started eating healthy and working out again.

That's it for me for now, but i promise i'll get back to regular posting in no time.
Until then, here are bits and pieces of the last two weeks in pictures.

Day one, or two maybe... just boxes and a bed

After the movers left on the first day, we went looking for coffee and found a nice vegan cafe... that cake though

Before i really started working on my room

Our bathroom is kinda weird and narrow, but pretty

Borrowing a power drill and hanging out with Box

Coffee with some of my favorite people on the way to Schöneberg to pick up Lucifer

Kitchen wall... same, same but different

Kimono selfie in the middle of my random piles of stuff

My two roomies 

The living room a few days ago... it looks even better today

Walking the dog and getting to know the new neighborhood, which is lively and slightly sketchy, but awesome

Brunch at Carly's with the gang (photo stolen from Jessica)

Just delicious

Mom and dad

Breakfast before my parents went back to Denmark

Silo coffee before going to the flea market, where we didn't find what we were looking for

Lucifer is now a shared custody dog of divorce, and he is currently with his dad, so i miss him tons, but i think the arrangement is gonna work out fine (photo stolen from Carly)

My parents are great decorators

Morning light and healed tattoo

One of the best nights in a long time included these two, a giant pizza and a mini Tom Cruise-athon

He goes everywhere with me

Even to Japanese class, that sometimes looks more like German class, if you ask me

I buy the dumbest shit at Primark

Walls, room, stuff. Home.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Last night

So the thing that was maybe, hopefully, supposed to happen sometime this week, or possibly the next, is actually happening tomorrow morning.
The move.
Once shit started coming together, it went fast, and we're still not quite there.
But we will be ready when the movers arrive, and i can't even begin to imagine what it will be like to spend that first night in my own home after everything.
A home.
I'll be sure to let you know.

Since the new place doesn't have internet yet, i don't know when i'll be able to blog.
Yeah, just realized that today!
I've been thinking of solutions, but i'd surely be laughed out of any cafe with wifi if i tried to bring my old purple dell dinosaur in to work on, so that's not really an option, but i guess i can bring it to friends houses for the time being.
But hopefully we'll get that shit sorted out quickly, so i can show you all the new place, which, when we saw it finished for the first time this morning, looked amazing.

Now, back to packing, and taking down lamps, and panicking.
So basically the same as every night around here, just slightly more stressful! 

This morning i actually showered and put on makeup so i could look presentable for my new home

Living room


Sunday, March 1, 2015

A life in boxes

It's Sunday, and it's raining in Berlin, and it looks like we have another one of those "sorry i'm not making a whole lot of sense" posts on our hands.
But when i tell you that it's because we're moving soon, and that we've been packing for days, and that on our day off from packing we went to renovate Wendy's new studio, i think you'll understand.

We don't have an exact moving time yet, but it'll probably be sometime in the next week, so things are... hectic. 
Hectic and emotional, but let's not get into that right now.

I don't have jet lag anymore, but i appear to be going through one of my yearly insomnia phases, so every night i wake up around 4 am, stay up for a little while, go back to sleep only to wake up at 7 am and then i just lie there sleepless until i have to get up.
Good times.
It happened again last night, and i actually thought i went straight back to sleep, but this afternoon i found a note from 4.36 am on my notepad app, that i don't remember writing:

"Sometimes I can't believe they let me walk around doing adult shit like I even know what I'm doing 
I'm an imposter
Like I'm wearing a suit"

So i guess that's what i get up to at 4 am.
Sleep writing.

I'm exhausted from working with Wendy on her new shop, which is gonna look fantastic, by the way, so i'm gonna treat myself to some Ancient Aliens and... i was gonna say popcorn, but we packed the kitchen already, so... toast. 
Ancient Aliens and a piece of toast.
This is my Sunday night and oh god, please just kill me now.

Having to leave your home that you spent two years building is awesome, i highly recommend it 

A life in boxes, ready to go

Before the packing nightmare started, we had coffee at Roamers

I had two coffees which is just one too many for me, cause i was shaking for the rest of the day

The trick to healing a tattoo properly is apparently to wrap it up, and then go sit on a plane for 25 hours, cause this one healed amazing

Cleaning out and packing the things i had in the basement, i got rid of a lot of stuff, even old journals i've been holding onto for years and years... but i kept a few of the weirder ones

This appears to be a story about how my brother doesn't wanna go swimming with me...

I liked this so much i posted it on instagram

I actually moved from Copenhagen to Berlin with all of my old Nuno Bettencourt posters and Kerrang articles? And nobody stopped me? Don't worry, they're gone now!

Crappy photo of a crappy photo of me as a teenager at her first festival, looking grunge as fuck (or as my American BFF put it when she saw this: "why do you look homeless?")

While some of the things you find while packing are fun, others are just fucking gross... yes, that is a dead mouse

Dog walking break

And another one from another walk

On my way to Japanese, which i still suck at by the way, i realized that i'd been wearing the same leggings for three days

Classic bathroom selfies at Havana

I went dancing in my roommates new Adidas with a sprained toe, and that maybe wasn't my best decision ever, but i needed to dance to raggaeton and i needed to look cool while doing it, sooo...

Morning, buddy

Current me, wearing the same dirty clothes for days

A past version of me, who probably wore dirty clothes too, cause i never was much of a lady anyway