Sunday, March 1, 2015

A life in boxes

It's Sunday, and it's raining in Berlin, and it looks like we have another one of those "sorry i'm not making a whole lot of sense" posts on our hands.
But when i tell you that it's because we're moving soon, and that we've been packing for days, and that on our day off from packing we went to renovate Wendy's new studio, i think you'll understand.

We don't have an exact moving time yet, but it'll probably be sometime in the next week, so things are... hectic. 
Hectic and emotional, but let's not get into that right now.

I don't have jet lag anymore, but i appear to be going through one of my yearly insomnia phases, so every night i wake up around 4 am, stay up for a little while, go back to sleep only to wake up at 7 am and then i just lie there sleepless until i have to get up.
Good times.
It happened again last night, and i actually thought i went straight back to sleep, but this afternoon i found a note from 4.36 am on my notepad app, that i don't remember writing:

"Sometimes I can't believe they let me walk around doing adult shit like I even know what I'm doing 
I'm an imposter
Like I'm wearing a suit"

So i guess that's what i get up to at 4 am.
Sleep writing.

I'm exhausted from working with Wendy on her new shop, which is gonna look fantastic, by the way, so i'm gonna treat myself to some Ancient Aliens and... i was gonna say popcorn, but we packed the kitchen already, so... toast. 
Ancient Aliens and a piece of toast.
This is my Sunday night and oh god, please just kill me now.

Having to leave your home that you spent two years building is awesome, i highly recommend it 

A life in boxes, ready to go

Before the packing nightmare started, we had coffee at Roamers

I had two coffees which is just one too many for me, cause i was shaking for the rest of the day

The trick to healing a tattoo properly is apparently to wrap it up, and then go sit on a plane for 25 hours, cause this one healed amazing

Cleaning out and packing the things i had in the basement, i got rid of a lot of stuff, even old journals i've been holding onto for years and years... but i kept a few of the weirder ones

This appears to be a story about how my brother doesn't wanna go swimming with me...

I liked this so much i posted it on instagram

I actually moved from Copenhagen to Berlin with all of my old Nuno Bettencourt posters and Kerrang articles? And nobody stopped me? Don't worry, they're gone now!

Crappy photo of a crappy photo of me as a teenager at her first festival, looking grunge as fuck (or as my American BFF put it when she saw this: "why do you look homeless?")

While some of the things you find while packing are fun, others are just fucking gross... yes, that is a dead mouse

Dog walking break

And another one from another walk

On my way to Japanese, which i still suck at by the way, i realized that i'd been wearing the same leggings for three days

Classic bathroom selfies at Havana

I went dancing in my roommates new Adidas with a sprained toe, and that maybe wasn't my best decision ever, but i needed to dance to raggaeton and i needed to look cool while doing it, sooo...

Morning, buddy

Current me, wearing the same dirty clothes for days

A past version of me, who probably wore dirty clothes too, cause i never was much of a lady anyway 

Monday, February 23, 2015


Ok, so i didn't actually have time to post another quick one before leaving beautiful Maui.
Yup, i'm back in Berlin already!
We actually tried to change my ticket a few days ago, cause there was still so much work to be done at the house, and also we were having fun so going home just seemed like a bad idea, but unfortunately it was way too expensive.
So yeah, i'm back.

The trip home was long, but easy, and on my third flight i even had a row to myself.
I slept a lot, it was awesome.
And i still get such a kick out of being able to travel by myself.
Like, i don't think people who haven't suffered from anxiety get what a big deal it is, but it really is huge, and i'm so proud of myself every time i board a plane all by myself in some faraway location.

Sorry, but i landed early this morning, so i'm not really in any condition to say all the things i want to say, so i'll just skip ahead and write a bit about my last day in Maui, and post some pictures.
And i apologize in advance for any typos, i'll catch them tomorrow.

On my second to last day we'd booked rooms at a resort in Lahaina for the night, cause Crystal had a friend coming over from Oahu to celebrate his birthday.
Obviously i hadn't met him, or his friends, before, but they all turned out to be awesome people, and we had the funnest night at a hotel that would have been considered fancy as hell in the early eighties.
I seriously love meeting new people!
We all went to bed late after a night of laughing, drinking and chasing Minnesotans out of hot tubs, and the next day we had the most delicious breakfast, followed by swimming at an amazing beach on the way back to Paia.
Once we were back, we made a quick stop at the house, where i took a shower and packed my shit, and then we headed to the shop for last minute souvenir tattoos and pizza, before going to the airport.
Kind of the perfect last day, actually!

Ok, that's all i got, my brain is so not ready to construct sentences, so i'll post again soon, and write more about the trip, the island, the work, the turtles.
All of it!
But for now i need to just chill with the dog.
And possibly drink more coffee.
Yes, definitely more coffee.

Classic Maui

Yes to coffee


Decorating is always fun, but even more so when you have cool shit like this to work with... i kinda wish decorating cute shops was my full time job

Pretty (dead) palomita on the way to town

Love this place

Wendy sent me this

With a cute bathroom, perfect for, uhm, taking pictures of your camera? 
Whatever, i don't judge you!

New Tokyo Rose Boutique fitting room

Gotta love a good turtle mural 

Oahu party squad

Slightly overdressed, but at this point i hadn't worn makeup in days, so i got excited!

Onolicious indeed

Eggs Benedict and hashbrowns

Saying goodbye to the beach (and hello to eating healthy and working out again, because extra weight, because 'Murica)

Probably my favorite beach of the ones i went to

Except for this...

Oh, beach life, i miss it already...

My awesome little crew filler, right on top of one of my many bruises

No, Starbucks, that's not my name

Landing early in the morning means coffee date with Lucifer and this babe

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Island life

No no, don't let the coconut water fool you, i'm anything but healthy here!
We cook at home, and we try to be healthy, sure, but this is America, all Europeans coming here are doomed to gain weight, and the sad part is that we know it.
But i won't complain, the island life is worth the few extra pounds currently sitting on my belly, and i'll just have to work out harder when i get home.

So, things we've been doing recently, besides work, in no particular order....

Me and Tali went to a random beach on the way to the tattoo shop, decided to check out the water, and ended up swimming with two sea turtles for like an hour.
Went to Iao Valley while waiting for the printers to get stuff ready for us, and took a swim in a very cold stream, and climbed a bit of mountain.
Tried out a coffee place... like a real one!
And went day drinking with Leah from the tattoo shop at Willie Nelson's bar.
Went on a midnight shopping trip to Walmart, and came home with mostly ice cream and Tums.
Walked the dog in the hood and on the beach, always meeting friendly neighbors who wanna say hi or chat.
Spent an evening hanging out on our friends' porch, drinking whiskey, listening to country, surrounded by cats, dogs, and chickens in trees.
Swam at a beach with waves so crazy they basically carried me out to sea in seconds, and i decided there and then that i never want to be a surfer.
Went back to shore, and watched a crab dig a hole for about an hour.
Saw Twin Falls. First waterfall was full of tourists, but the second we pretty much had to ourselves, and we swam, climbed, and dried off on big warm rocks like lizards.
What else?
A ton of things, probably, but it's still early, like pre-coffee early, so i don't know!

We bust our asses working at the house or at the shop, and i don't get to see much outside of Paia, but i love it, and just being here is enough.
And hey, i got to see turtles, completely without planning it, so who cares if i don't get to do all the touristy stuff this time around.

Is it weird how quickly i adapt to new places?
I don't know if others do that too, but i get to a new place, and i make myself at home pretty much straight away, and i kind of forget about my life at home... not counting my friends and my dog, of course.

I'm off to work now, but i hope to post another quick one before i leave... which is too soon.
I think i could stay here for another month and stay busy the whole time, and i feel like i've been living with these girls forever already, but my new home awaits in Berlin, so i can't stay in Paradise forever.


Walking the wolf

The backyard

Classic beach selfie


Brewed with aloha and tasty as hell

Beach view

Saw an even smaller one today, caught it, and moved it outside

Went swimming in a waterfall and climbed enough stairs to turn our legs into jelly

The beach where i went swimming with turtles

Twin Falls part one

Twin Falls part two was even better... more sun and less people

Tour guide

Lilikoi fresh from the tree

Cat and dog heaven... chickens too!

Different view, same cat

Amazing kitchen

Always cruising in trucks